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After discussing the various options that are available for your particular health challenges, we will then go into an explanation of the specifics of our approach in a detailed and easy to understand way. This will help you to understand the dramatic positive impact our approach can have on your health issues.

The number of chiropractors that focus on Structural Chiropractic Correction is limited, and we believe that is it essential for you to understand that what makes us unique is how we approach your health challenges compared to traditional chiropractic care.

We will give you a thorough explanation of how Structural Chiropractic Correction, along with some additional recommendations, that will restructure your spine. After our conversation, you will understand how a Structural Shift (if detected during your examination) is associated with your Secondary Condition.

Lastly, we will present a customized care plan that is specifically designed to take you from where you are to where you need to be. We want you to get to enjoy your life, so we will help establish a sound structural foundation. We will also explain how to maintain your correction, while protecting your spine and nervous system after your Structural Correction has been achieved.


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